5 Great Retirement Hobbies That Are Great For Your Health & Wellbeing


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For many people, retirement is an opportunity to rest after years of dedicating their time and energy to their job. However, your golden years also give you the perfect chance to pick up new hobbies or to pour even more of your time into interests that you already have.

At Arcadia Waters, we believe in helping our residents live life to the fullest, whatever that means to them. If you’re looking for a new hobby to fill your hours, here are some activities you can engage in that are great for your health and wellbeing.


Gardening has been and continues to be a popular hobby among retirees, and for good reason. It’s physically stimulating, relaxing and brings you closer to nature. Gardening helps strengthen your muscles as well as tune your fine motor function, which will keep you fit well into your later years.

You also get to see the fruits of your labour come to life, which is very satisfying! All you need are seeds, basic gardening tools, and some tender loving care toward your plants, and you’ll soon have a beautiful garden you can show off.


Music has always been known to be healing for the soul, and singing is a good way to create music without the need for instruments. While you can sing just about anywhere and anytime, making a conscious effort every day to sing can make your retirement a much more fun and healthy one.

Did you know singing releases endorphins and improves your breathing and posture? If you want to amplify this effect, try joining a choir or other singing group instead; you will also get the benefits of being social and having fun with others.


There’s a reason that journaling has always been a popular form of therapy, and as a retiree, you now have all the time in the world to journal about your thoughts, hopes, and fears. Getting it all out on paper will help you release stress and become more aware of what’s on your mind, as well as ensure that your fine motor skills remain sharp.

Of course, you can also choose to write fiction or poetry to explore your creative side, which may have fallen by the wayside when you had to work your 9 to 5. Who knows, you could even end up writing a best-seller!

Arts and Crafts

Remember when you were a child and loved drawing and making things? Retirement is also the perfect time to get back to back in touch with your inner child and start indulging in arts and crafts again.

Whether it’s painting, folding origami, or woodwork, you’ll be sure to keep yourself mentally-sharp as well as train your gross and fine motor skills. Pick a craft that you’re excited about; you’re retired now, so nobody should be telling you what to do for fun!


Getting into your older years doesn’t mean you should stop physical activity, or that all you can do is walking! There are a variety of activities you can do even as a retiree, such as golf, lawn bowling, swimming, aerobics, and water polo, among others.

If you’ve been keeping fit and don’t have any health issues, you can even lift weights or learn martial arts. Don’t let your age dictate what you can engage in (though you should always check with your doctor before starting a new activity if you have any health concerns).

These are just five hobbies you can take up during your retirement years that are also great for your wellbeing. At Arcadia Waters, we provide a safe and stimulating environment with plenty of activities to ensure that your retirement years are the most enjoyable of your life. Do the things you love and rediscover your passions again!

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to find out more about living your ideal retirement lifestyle in one of our fantastic retirement villages.

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