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Our Arcadia Waters Community

“I wouldn’t live anywhere else!

They have dinners, dances and there’s a lot going on which I used to be involved in but I have now retired from. I suggest that anyone comes but don’t leave it to late, come when you are young enough to enjoy it”

Kay Pen-Dennis – Maddington

“We like the facilities, friendships and security we’ve got here at Arcadia Waters. You can socialise or be as independent as you like.

As a retired farmer, I also particularly enjoy keeping myself busy with a bit of woodwork in the workshop. Our advice to anyone is to move early enough to enjoy it all.”

John & Judy Lewis – Geraldton

“To say I like living here is an understatement. It is fantastic!

I have made a lot of friends through bowls, boot scooting and other social events. I’ve even had first-hand experience of the excellent emergency call system. I pressed the button and was answered immediately. They knew who and where I was and the ambulance was here in a flash and I was whisked off to hospital. They even informed management who contacted my family.”

Maureen Thompson – Maddington

“When I first made the decision to sell the home that I loved and downsize to a village community, I was worried that I might be doing the wrong thing. But after only a few months, any reservations I had were gone. I don’t miss anything about my old home! I love my new house, it feels safe and secure and it’s so easy to look after. My new life is now so full, my family say they now have to make an appointment to see me!”

Pam Bolwerk – Mandurah

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