Tips on Retirement Living Costs

The costs associated with moving into a retirement community are often the biggest question when thinking about taking that next step.

At Arcadia Waters we are all about flexibility where we are constantly reviewing our cost’s and understand that not one person is in the same situation financially, this is why we offer a range of different houses, apartments, and villas with three financial options when purchasing to ensure that you are given the confidence to choose an option which suits you best.

When considering moving into a retirement village the costs vary depending on the type of property, facilities and services offered within each village. Watch in the short video above where John Burgess speaks about some of the costs involved including initial costs, outgoing and ongoing cost’s and our three financial options available to help you cover these.

1) Initial Cost:

The initial cost is the price you pay for your home. There is a wide variety of Arcadia Waters homes, villas and apartment types available at a range of prices, the initial cost can also include third-party payments like legal fees and removalist charges.

2) Outgoing Cost:

Your outgoing costs are your personal use costs such as water, electricity, gas and the internet.

3) Ongoing Cost:

You will be charged an ongoing amount (usually monthly) towards the costs relating to the ongoing operation, maintenance, services and management of your village.

4) Exit Cost:

When deciding it’s time to move out, there are costs associated with selling the property to a new resident. As with all property sales, you’ll have selling fees and marketing charges.

If you are ready to choose how you pay for your retirement or have questions about Arcadia Waters costs then make an appointment with our Sales Team who can run you through our three financial options, property pricing and the options right for you. Please be sure to contact our sales team via 1800 88 98 35 or click here to make an appointment.

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