Mandurah Scottish Shindig

On Tuesday 14th August the Social Committee created a Scottish theme in the Cafe/Lounge area where 80 ‘lads & lassies’ spent the evening. They were entertained with Scottish songs by Doreen McMillan, who also had a great poem about the ‘Wayward Undies’ blowing in the wind.

What a choice !! the duo of Doris Fotheringham and Anne Boston performing a song and dance skit. Laughter abounded as we all had a wow of a time.
The food was great and, Lisa, that soup was to ‘die for’!!! The main was prepared to suit the theme and the sweets took us back to the days of rhubarb growing far beyond family needs.

A lot of work done by social committee and others enlisted to help. A positive shindig night for all who attended – especially the Scotties. Could not sign off without congratulating those who dressed for the occasion. You all deserve medals and thank you

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