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Arcadia LifeCare offers fully managed or self-managed services, working in partnership with the client to develop and implement a

personalised Care Plan based on an individual’s assessment and objectives. The purpose of having objectives plays an integral role

of a Care Plan as they identify:

  •  what is important to you, the client;
  • what makes your life enjoyable and meaningful;
  • what tasks are required to assist with improving the day your day activities; and
  • any concerns you may have or specific tasks you may have difficulty undertaking.

Following this assessment, Arcadia LifeCare  will create a Spend Plan, coordinate and schedule your required services and support, and will arrange for a point of contact who will monitor your Care Plan going forward, ensuring the service provision is effective & financially accountable.

Arcadia LifeCare is flexible in their approach to its service delivery and your Care Plan can be reviewed as where necessary or at a minimum, once a year.

Arcadia LifeCare is committed to providing exceptional in-home care services, encouraging clients to remain independent allowing you to remain in the comfort of your home for as long as possible.

Our In-home Care Services Menu

These are just some of the services that Arcadia LifeCare can provide to you in your own home.



  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Dusting
  • Taking out rubbish
  • Cleaning kitchen, bathroom, and laundry surfaces and appliances
  • Tidying and cleaning kitchen and linen cupboards
  • Making beds and changing linen
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Minor home maintenance
  • Keeping your home clear of slip, trip, and fall hazards
  • Assisting with pet care
personal care

Personal Care

  • Assistance with washing, showering, personal grooming and dressing
  • Assisting with managing incontinence support
  • Picking up prescriptions and organising medication
  • Assisting with mobility in and around the home
  • Assisting with communication
  • Transport from hospital to home
  • Convalescence Care
  • Palliative Care

Social Support

  • Assistance with grocery and other shopping
  • Assisting with errands outside the home
  • Assisting with transport and making travel arrangements
  • Providing company at appointment, functions and events outside the home
  • Assistance with personal hobbies and interests
meals nutrition

Meals & Nutrition

  • Assistance with planning and preparing meals
  • Assistance in finding and trying new recipes
  • Monitoring food expiry dates and keeping produce fresh
  • Monitoring kitchen equipment

If you would like to know more about Arcadia LifeCare, contact 08 9218 8388 or email

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