Getting The Most Out Of Your Golden Years

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Why It’s So Important To Stay Active In Retirement

For many people, staying physically active during the golden years can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. With the rigors of employment behind you, enjoying your retirement living with the right amount of regular physical activity thrown in for good measure is bound to pay dividends in the long-run. The best thing is, it’s never too late to start!

Why exercise?

There are countless studies that report regular physical activity is a vital part of keeping ourselves healthy as well as lowering the risk of serious illnesses such as Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. That’s not including the more obvious benefits of losing any unwanted weight that may also be adversely affecting your health overall.

Types of exercise

There are so many types of activities to get you moving that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. Here are just a few of our favorites:


Walking is an activity that can be done pretty much anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s pounding the pavement, walking around a park or taking a stroll along one of our many gorgeous beaches, walking is a pastime that’s easy and free. If you have a dog, that’s bound to give you more reason to get walking on a regular (if not daily) basis.

Water exercise classes

These days, most swimming centers offer water exercise classes for all fitness levels, from Aqua Aerobics to Aqua Zumba. Water exercise is a fantastic way to get fit (without compromising your joints) and is particularly effective for people who suffer from arthritis.


Feeling a little more active? A medium-level activity that involves plenty of walking while satisfying your competitive spirit is golf. As a side-benefit, it’s also a very social game, which will help combat loneliness and social isolation.

Lawn bowls

Bowls is an outdoor activity that requires less walking than golf and, best of all, it’s loads of fun. Join a bowling club, don your whites and pit your skills against your team members. As an added benefit, it can also help improve balance and hand-eye coordination.


Like water exercise classes, swimming is a fantastic activity that doesn’t jar the body, effectively reducing the risk of injury. It’s also great for your heart, as well as improving flexibility and muscle tone. Swimming provides a full-body workout and can be done using any stroke, for as long as you like, at whatever speed you feel comfortable with.

Added benefits of regular exercise

Regular physical activity is not only good for our bodies, but for our minds as well. Studies have shown that staying active outdoors can improve our quality of life enormously. It also helps combat loneliness as it reduces social isolation, and can even help with depression. Other perks of staying active include improving your appetite, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing community and social interaction.

Retirement can mean the start of a wonderful new chapter in your life, no matter what physical activity you choose to do. At Arcadia Waters, we’ll always do everything we can to help our residents remain as active and happy as they can for as long as possible. Get in touch today to find out more.

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