Busting Myths About Retirement Living: What You Need To Know About This Fantastic Lifestyle

Busting Myths About Retirement Living

The phrase “retirement home” has a lot of negative connotations. It conjures up images of sad, lonely places that people retreat to at the end of their lives. Well, we’re here to tell you that this simply isn’t accurate! In fact, “retirement home” isn’t even the right terminology. Retirement living is a much more accurate term, because that what it’s all about: living life to the fullest!

At Arcadia Waters, our vibrant retirement communities are designed to allow our residents to maintain their independence while enjoying a rich, engaging lifestyle in resort-style luxury. They definitely shouldn’t be thought of as the ‘end’, but rather as another exciting chapter in your life full of a whole host of fantastic benefits.

To help you get out of the outdated “retirement home” mindset, we’re going to use this blog post to bust some of the myths that often hold people back from making the move to a retirement living community. A whole world of amazing opportunities awaits you once you’re able to shake them off!

“I’m Too Independent To Move To A Place Like That!”

One of the biggest myths about retirement living is that you have to give up your independence. This simply isn’t the case. In fact, the exact opposite is true! At Arcadia Waters, we do everything possible to help you maintain your independence.

You’re still able to do all of the things that you enjoy most – coming and going as you please, socialising, spending time with your family, entertaining friends, exercising and spending time on your hobbies and interests. We also run a range of activities and events that encourage you to socialise and make new friends. The biggest problem you’re likely to have is choosing how you spend your time!

We’ll work with you to maintain an active, independent lifestyle for as long as possible. However, should your circumstances change, we’re also able to offer a range of optional in-home care services that will enable you to maintain a high quality of life with minimal disruption. Retirement community living really does give you the best of both worlds.

“I Could Never Downsize And Leave My Own House!”

You’re obviously attached to the lifetime of memories that come with owning a home, but how attached are you to mowing the lawn, weeding the garden and cleaning empty rooms that never get used? When you move to a retirement community, you won’t have to worry about tedious jobs like these anymore and can spend more time doing the things you love.

That being said, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just check out what one of our residents, Pam, had to say about the downsizing process:

“When I first made the decision to sell the home that I loved and downsize to a village community, I was worried that I might be doing the wrong thing. But after only a few months, any reservations I had were gone. I don’t miss anything about my old home! I love my new house, it feels safe and secure and it’s so easy to look after. My new life is now so full, my family say they now have to make an appointment to see me!”

We hope that this post has been able to change the way you think of retirement living. At Arcadia Waters, it’s our mission to help our residents live a full and engaging lifestyle during their retirement. To find out more about what we have to offer simply get in touch or call us on 1300 88 98 35.

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